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Starlight School of Dance


At Starlight School of Dance, established in 1986, we aim to offer our pupils a positive learning experience no matter what the age and standard. Whilst we hope to inspire pupils to excel and achieve greatness we feel that dance is not just about being able to master technique but it is about having fun and building confidence to prepare you for the future. Each pupil is considered an individual and treated as such, so classes and lessons are planned carefully to allow each pupil to blossom in their own time.

We train our pupils in a large range of subjects in order to give them an all round education. Genres included are:

  • Ballet – this is a classical subject from which all other dance forms originate.  Great ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle and the Nutcracker all    show this particular genre to its full potential. Ballet promotes strength, suppleness, co-ordination, poise and grace in the young dancer.
  • Tap – this is dance with sounds. For any of you that have seen Tap Dogs or Stomp – this is where it all started.
  • Theatrecraft  – this is from the days of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire brought up to date and modernised to encompass lyrical forms of dance.
  • Modern Jazz – watch the backing dancers for the X-factor, any singer or pantomime and you will probably be watching modern with all of the body movements and isolations with big kicks and jumps.
  • Freestyle / Hip Hop / Street – this is where the children get to dance to current music in current styles.
  • Musical Theatre – the pupils get to sing and act just like those in Mama Mia, Singing in the rain or Oliver to mention just a few.
  • Festival /competitions – pupils are invited to represent the school in competitions doing solos, duets, trios or troupes in all subjects.
  • Keep Fit and General body conditioning – this is done in varying forms as part and parcel of the pupils general lesson plan. It increases strength, suppleness and stamina.

For adults we offer a jazz classes and an adult tap class. Fun is the key word here and we do enjoy ourselves whilst we try to learn.

Professional training

We also offer teacher training to anyone wanting to develop their professional qualifications.


We take pupils from aged 3 years upward, able bodied or with special requirements.

A year at Starlight

From September to February the school rehearses for its annual pantomime which is performed at The Palace Theatre and runs for 4 shows. Every child in the school is included and does from one to four performances.

From February to end of July pupils are prepared for IDTA examinations in all the subjects and are entered as and when they are ready.

Festival classes take place throughout the year and children enter two main festivals, one in the spring term and one in November.

We are often asked to perform at school fetes throughout the summer term and we are also approached to provide children for professional touring companies.

How to join us and what the protocol is.

For 5 years and younger children, classes are held at the Windmill Community Centre, Ryegrass Lane, Walkwood on a Saturday morning at 9am – 9.45am. In these classes we do a mixture of Ballet, Tap and Freestyle. When the children have taken their first exam they then move up to the prep class which is at 9.45am and lasts for an hour and a half. In this we do more subjects and add Theatrecraft, Modern Jazz with an option to take Musical Theatre which covers the singing and drama side of Performing Arts.

The 45 minute class costs £3.25 and is payable on a weekly basis for the first four weeks as a settling in period and then you are invoiced monthly in advance and you do have to pay whether you come or not.

You do not have to pre-book places, just come along and we will give you a registration form to fill in.

For children aged 6 – 9 years classes are held at the Windmill Community Centre, Ryegrass Lane, Walkwood on a Saturday morning at 9.45am – 11.15am.  In this time we do Ballet, Tap, Theatrecraft, Modern Jazz and Freestyle. There is an option to take the Musical Theatre class as an additional half hour until 11.45am.

The 90 minute class costs £6.30 per week and the extra half an hour is £2.10. This is invoiced monthly, in advance and you do have to pay whether you come or don’t.

9 years plus pupils wishing to come are most welcome and you would need to contact us directly to sort out the appropriate lesson times.

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