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1997 – Cinderella

Cast List – In order of appearance

Cinderella – Sarah Foster-Agg
Prince Charming – Lucy Marklew
Jet – Ian Pardy
Nightshade – Mick Randle
Baron – Bob Wassall
Buttons – Mark Williams
Dandini – Danielle Hurley
Vatman – Katie Walters
Bobbin – Leane Wood
King – Sophie Grogan
Queen – Zoe Lister
Fairy godmother – Laura Mews
Blind Bob – Steven Foster-Agg
Doctor – Sarah Foster-Agg, Clare Lloyd,
Barmaid – Vaishali Nathan
Slyvester – Lowri Hardcastle
Speaker – Steven Haines

Mice And Dog Team A Team B
Jerry Sophie Walter Rosalyn Hughes
Bruce Zoe Randle Sadie Howes
Daphne Laura Gines Chloe Baker
Mo Joanna Cook Natalie Jones
Mickey Sian Edwards Matthew Reacord
House Claire Lancaster Victoria Cockman
Minnie Suzanne Crockett Rebecca Brown
Butch Katie Haines Rebecca Reacord
Screamer Rebecca Jackson Lauren Croft

All other parts performed by the dancers of the The Starlight School of Dance